Create a Happy Life Part 1

You want to be happy don’t you? Of course you do otherwise you would not have begun reading this brief article. Everyone desires to be happy.


We all know that ‘happiness’ is a positive emotion that produces all sorts of benefits for a person. The problem with ‘happiness’ is that it seems to be so elusive.


So I have decided to help you in your pursuit of happiness. So keep reading Ps. Daves’ Corner and check out my articles over the next couple of weeks as we explore the subject of how to ‘Create a Happy Life.’


So can you create a Happy Life? Yes, I believe you can…I know you can!


There are lot so of things you can do that will produce happiness as a by – product.


Let me tell you about Bill. Bill is an immigrant and he is having a hard time finding work and faces numerous other challenges. So Bill is struggling to be happy and understandably so.

Bill recently got involved in one of our Church Community Programs. This particular program provides bags of fresh food to people who are struggling financially. It’s a great program and volunteers run the entire program.


Bill has lots of time to spare and so he asked if he could do some volunteer work at our church so I directed Bill to the team that packs the bags with fresh food.


Bill is a good worker and he immediately applied himself to the task at hand.


Some time later Bill knocked on my office door and asked to see me. He was smiling…a rare occasion for Bill!


Bill excitedly thanked me for giving him the opportunity to help other people. He then expressed how helping other people had made him feel good. It was a new experience for him and I must admit I enjoyed watching him try to describe how he felt.


After Bill left my office I wondered about his experience and why it produced such a positive emotion in him.

This is my conclusion.


Bill is unemployed. He has way too much time on his hands.


We gave him something to do with his time…and it was good old-fashioned physical work.


We’re designed for work. Honest physical work does wonders for a person who has nothing to do.


Secondly, Bill interacted with other people who needed his help. So for a brief period of time Bill had a purpose.


Thirdly, Bill did not volunteer his time so he could be happy. He volunteered his time because he knew he needed to get out and do something.


You could say Bill was ambushed by ‘happiness’.


In this instance ‘Happiness’ was an unexpected by-product of physical work with a noble purpose.


‘Happiness’ is elusive when pursued. But ‘happiness’ will ambush you when you get involved with a noble purpose that requires effort on your part.


Get ambushed!


Ps. Dave

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