GOD supernatuarally provides!

What I am about to testify is to glorify Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
I have countless testimonies about God’s faithfulness through thithes and offerings. (i.e giving a portion of my income- which is often referred to as our First fruits- this is done to testify and proclaim that GOD indeed comes first in our lives).
But I would like to share just one testimony. Many years ago,when my kids were little, we lived in India. I was working as a hairdresser and used to manage the home with only one wage. I was always a consistent thither (i.e giver) but this particular month I had hardly any money to even cover half my bills! I hesitated to thithe as I thought this money would at least pay for our electricity bill.
But I said to myself : “No my Lord! I will thithe and trust you. Well, my brothers and sisters I’m here to testify that I don’t know how but supernaturally all my bills were paid and I had enough food on my table for my kids.
I love tithing and get really excited when it’s time to “worship” GOD with our tithes and offerings!
I believe that our tithes give birth to faith and our faith pleases GOD and in turn HE blesses everyting we put our hands to and grants us the dresires of our hearts!
I would encourage you all to tithe and test GOD. Why not watch and see what HE will do for you?