Saved from brain damage!

(i) The Day it all began

It was Cross-country day in Hebron School, Ooty – a town neatly tucked away in the hills of South India.  My parents had sent me to a Christian boarding school at the early age of 10 years. This story happened back when I was only 13 years old.  The Cross-country day was a long distance race.  It involved a box walk, running down often slippery hills, past a primitive village and some rough paths.

On this particular year, I was one of the qualifying runners. But not long into the race, I sensed something was not right. It’s hard to describe and recall, but I do know that my run soon became a walk back to school as I found my energy sapped and my body drained at a very early stage – leaving me with little strength to finish the course.

(ii) The Drive to the Hospital

Moments after my arrival back to the school, I lost my sense of orientation and balance…I could not even walk straight…so much so that I shockingly walked head-on into walls; I could not remember my room, nor even change my own clothes! My friends assumed I was playing a joke but soon realized that this was for real!

I was rushed to the school clinic where oxygen was pumped into me. Then my elder brother, Adrian, ran to the scene carrying me into a jeep that sped its way to the nearest hospital in Coimbatore. I recall throwing up several times on that up-hill drive. And by the time I arrived at the hospital within minutes – I drifted into a coma – loosing all sense of consciousness and experienced several convulsions.

(iii) The Drama turns to Despair

The hospital ran several tests and immediately concluded that I needed a more specialized hospital and so I was immediately transferred to the hospital in Kotagiri. The doctors there concluded that I would die in 3 days! My brain was destroyed… and only a small portion able to function. Even if I was to wake from my coma the doctors believed I would no longer be a normal child! I would not even be able to recognize my own parents due to the extensive brain-damage. (*It is believed that I suffered an attack of viral encephalitis that destroyed the brain) . The news had to be relayed to my parents and the school. The situation was hopeless and death was just a matter of time!

(iv) The Despair turns into a Divine Visitation

The principal Mr Rod Gilbert kept the student body informed over the next two days and on the third day he summoned the whole assembly to pray in earnest. Guess what? GOD heard the prayers of HIS people and chose to extend HIS marvelous grace and favour.  Moments after the school prayed on the third day I woke out of my coma- back to normal in an instant with a 100% recovery!

The Doctors were in utter shock and disbelief! I vividly remember sitting upright on my hospital bed with an apple in my mouth, playing a game of boggle with Mum as the Doctors stormed in exclaiming: “It’s a miracle!”

Reagan Joseph