Every Friday at the Church we meet and then go out to the streets….ALL are welcome to join…
Anxious?…Not sure how to share your faith?…. Come with a ready heart- soaked in prayer and let’s cultivate the “joy” of sharing… lets turn our fear to faith…. and allow the LORD to do HIS work through us- HIS earthen vessels.

REAL CONVERSATIONS ….. Ask , Admire, Admit Tip

As you ask honest questions, admire what you can about what others believe and admit your own need for Jesus, their guard will drop and you can share the gospel with them; engaging them in a “real” conversation about Jesus and the good news of the gospel!

Check out some practical and indepth resources on
how to share your faith from “Dare 2 Share Ministires”
Alisha the Agnostic
Andy the Atheist
Bailey the Buddhist
Danielle the Deist