CONNECT over Coffee (or Lunch)

If you come to one of our Sunday services….we encourage you to join us after the service : Coffee served after the first service and a free lunch after the second service.
We look forward to meeting you, and just sharing life together- both as a “friend” and a “family”. Come encounter and embrace the spirit of “Real LIfe!”


DISCOVER the heart of Christianity

Christianity is unique- in so many ways! In all other beliefs man has to make their way to GOD; but in Christianity alone GOD himself meets with man as the initiator! In other religions man has to ALWAYS earn their “right” to GOD by good deeds…but Christianity in stark contrast speaks about the liberating truths of “grace” and Christ’s finished work that unlocks a bold relationship that we can have with a Holy GOD! …. Check out Explore Christ and Christianity page on our site. We encourage you to discover the heart of Christianity….a great way to do this is enroll in a Crash Christianity Course that runs for a period of 10 weeks!



In John 10:10 we read about Jesus speaking about “Abundant Life”. At Real Life Church we want to live that abundant life- the “Real Life”!
So we create opportunites and channels to better connect to GOD, with each other and the world. We believe this helps us live the “abundant life!”
There are so many ways you can plan to grow and embrace “Real Life!”