Real Life Church has a distinct Spirit that is hard to articulate but delightful to experience. Firstly, the people at Real Life Church are friendly and welcoming BUT more importantly they truly believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible.This is evident in the way the people at Real Life Church worship God…with lots of energy, gratitude and sincerity. It is not unusual to see people, young and old, black and white, lifting their hands to God during the singing. You may even hear the occasional ‘shout’ of ‘Hallelujah’ during the presentation of the message.

Yet the most significant aspect to the Spirit at Real Life Church is that you can sense God during the service. People go home from Real Life Church better than the way they first came in. Come and check out Real Life Church for yourself. We will make you feel welcome!


We are Glad you are here!



Our values!

Everyone has a personal set of values. At Real Life Church we have identified seven values
that help define who we are as a church. Our values are built around the acronym: ‘INSPIRE’.

“I” : I is for Inspired Word of GOD

We value the ‘Inspired Word of God’ above all other ideologies and instructions for life.
We live in an information age. Every day we are bombarded by marketing messages telling us how we should live and what we ‘need’ in order to live a free and fulfilling life. Often, what we are told we ‘need’ is contrary to what we read in the Bible and this is a major contributor to the state of our city, our nation and our world.
God gave the world his message of love; the Bible which tells us how to live a moral, obedient and abundantly blessed life. At Real Life Church we gratefully embrace that message and we endeavour to live the Bible’s ‘counter culture’ instructions for a successful Life.


“N” : N is for Nations of the World

We value the Great Commission to reach the ‘Nations of the World.’
God’s heart beats for the nations of the world. Christians are called to be the salt of the earth and the messengers of the good news. Therefore, Real Life Church places great emphasis on missions overseas and at home.
We support many overseas missionaries who work in difficult circumstances to spread the word of God and to encourage the less fortunate to live a blessed and Godly life. We also support our local school chaplains and believe that reaching young people with the message of Jesus Christ is of great service to the future of our nation.


“S” S is for Servant’s Heart

We value the attitude of having a ‘Servant Heart’.The greatest leader in history, Jesus Christ, demonstrated that greatness comes through servant hood. Real Life Church places great emphasis on Christian service that flows from a servant heart rather than a selfish agenda.
True servant hood is a gift that frees us from our sin and places us into a position to serve God fruitfully and to spur us on to holiness through obedience.


“P” : P is for Prayer

We value the gift of ‘Prayer’. We believe that true achievements in life are founded upon prayer to Almighty God in the Name of Jesus. It is part of Real Life Church culture that we regularly pray with one another and also for one another.

We pray to build our relationships with God, we present our supplications and we come to understand God’s will for our lives through prayer.

“I” : I is for Inclusiveness

We value an attitude of ‘Inclusiveness’. At Real Life Church we value people and we see the strength that unity can achieve. Real Life Church promotes equal treatment and opportunity for all people and with a widely diverse congregation we are committed to being welcoming and open to newcomers.
We celebrate the diverse gifts of all members of the body of Christ and we believe the message of Jesus Christ is good news for all people, irrespective of age, race, gender or social standing.

“R” : R is for Respect

Respect is a fundamental Christian ethic. At Real Life Church we respect others irrespective of how they treat us.
We respect authority and take our individual responsibility to adhere to the law very seriously. Lastly, we respect ourselves.
Real Life Church believes that to foster a culture of respect in our church and our community is to leave a legacy for the younger generation.

“E” : E is for Enjoy

While personal difficulties and seasons of sacrifice are a fact of life we have a conviction that life can still be enjoyed nonetheless. Laughter and fun are important ingredients for succeeding in life.
At Real Life Church we laugh together and we seek to model a lifestyle that is fun and infectious to those around us. Christ’s message is good news and good news deserves to be celebrated.